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Information Security Training

Bastille Training offers training in information security, focused on Linux, Cloud and DevOps security. We regularly teach at conferences, including Black Hat.

Topics in Our Training

Our Servuces
Linux Containers

Learn how to use Linux containers for enhanced security and how to attack and defend Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.


Stop deactivating SELinux. Understand it well enough to create your own custom rules or modify the ones you have.


Learn how to break exploits and contain attackers. Create custom profiles and test them against working exploits.

Attack Detection

Customized automation to detect and block attacks, alerting the defenders.

Core Linux Security

We can teach you core Linux security at your staff's specific depth, whether they're working their way to intermediate or wizards.

Linux Security: Zero to Hero

Start any custom training with a session that brings everyone up to the same level, then takes them to advanced!


I had the extreme pleasure of taking one of Jay's courses at Black Hat. This being "Aikido on the command line: Linux Hardening and Containment". Let me first start off stating that I used Bastille Linux to help harden my systems when I ran my own ISP a few years back. His insight into hardening a Linux endpoint was probably the best advice out there at the time. Thus why I utilized Bastille.

Taking the class at Black Hat (2017) gave me the opportunity to tune up on these skills as well as learn new ways to harden Linux Containers as well as Linux endpoints. This class was top notch in my opinion only because of Jay's in-depth knowledge and hands on experience in hardening Linux but also the way he delivers himself as mentor. I could not have asked for a better mentor as well as peer to be my instructor in this class. Jay's knowledge was astounding. I would strongly suggest to anyone that if you are looking for an instructor, in-depth knowledgeable person, dead on accurate Hardening and Security person, you just found it in Jay Beale.

Steve Thomas

Sr. Cyber Security, Stealth Engineer, Cyber Technologist


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