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JJBSec's History

JJBSec began in 2000, offering information security (infosec) training.

JJBSec has offered information security training classes since 2001, with a strong focus on around Linux security. Course offerings have included:

  • Linux Hardening and Defense

  • Linux Attack and Defense, with Capture and Defend the Flag exercises

  • Honeypots and Honeynets

  • Forensics and Incident Response

Our classes have been offered both privately to corporate clients and through multiple conferences, including:

  • Black Hat

  • RSA

  • CanSecWest

  • IDG Linux World Expo

While JJBSec continues to offer training classes, JJBSec halted its consulting services in 2004, with the founding of InGuardians, by Ed Skoudis, Mike Poor, Jimmy Alderson, Robert Hillery, Eric Cole and Jay Beale. JJBSec refers all consulting work to InGuardians.

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